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"These three words – believe in better  are a balm against the constant barrage of negativity we face from all directions. They are a candid, uplifting reminder of the value of believing in something good."

- Dr Morné du Plessis | CEO WWF South Africa

At WWF South Africa, this is what we do. For more than 55 years, our science-based work in South Africa has put people and nature first, improving the lives and livelihoods of South Africans and taking care of the environment as the stories on this page show.  

The successes of this holistic approach are why we stay hopeful and invite you to believe in better with us. With belief, we have the power to do almost anything – especially when we work together. 

Are you ready to believe in better?


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More reasons to believe in better:


With your support, we’ve worked to secure vast marine protected areas, ensuring that our precious local marine life and ecosystems thrive. 

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With your help, we’re keeping South Africa’s future bright by empowering the next generation of leaders to build a world where people and nature thrive. 

Fresh water

With your support, we’re building partnerships to protect South Africa’s key water source areas to ensure that everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water. 

Fishing communities

With your help, we’re empowering local fishing communities to implement more sustainable practices, ensuring South Africa’s oceans continue to flourish and be enjoyed by all. 

National parks

With your help, we’ve expanded 13 national parks across South Africa, conserving more of our nation’s incredible ecosystems for you to share and explore.  

Rhino populations

With your support, we’ve created new populations of black rhinos across Africa and helped grow their numbers to over 6000, giving future generations a chance to experience them in their natural habitat.